Use Ice to Remove Puffy Eyes Shrink Your Pores DIY

Use Ice to Remove Puffy Eyes Shrink
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Use Ice to Remove Puffy Eyes Shrink Your Pores DIY Eye Beauty Tips. hey, guys welcome back to my channel and hello if you knew it makes sure you. subscribe and today’s video we’re gonna be talking all about Jacqueline. Fernandez Bollywood actress beauty secret which is nice so I’m going to show.

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You guys how to use it and what to use it for so you’re gonna need ice and. you’re gonna need tissue paper you want to put the ice on the tissue paper and. then wrap that up into like a little ball so you have a flat surface at the. top and you have like a holding section at the bottom and this way I won’t slip. and slide and you have a good grip on it and this is all ready to use so we’re. going to start off by just applying that flat surface all over our face now why.

Use Ice to Remove Puffy Eyes Shrink

Use Ice to Remove Puffy Eyes Shrink


Does Jacqueline Fernandez use ice on her face because it’s a really really good? way to reduce inflammation and puffiness and redness off of your face your cheeks. your eye area helps to shrink pores right before applying makeup it’s an all. natural primer it reduces redness the coldness of the ice cube actually. increases blood circulation which brings the color and blood to your skin so it’s.

Really good for dull skin and doing this brings a natural glow and a natural. radiance to the skin as well and one of the reasons that I love to use this is. for the dark circles underneath my eyes especially in the morning if you wake up. and your eyes are puffy this is perfect because it gets rid of it within minutes. and this is also really good for wrinkles it’s very fast and easy for all you.

Need to do is just grab the ice cubes from your fridge wrap it up and apply it. all over your face it’s also very relaxing and calming especially on a hot. the day it really invigorates you and wakes you up as well so after you’re all done. you just let that dry and you’re done now I like to tweak this a little bit. and I like to use frozen aloe vera so what I like to do is just cut aloe vera.

Into cubes just like this and then freeze it so it’s ready for me to use whenever. I need now why do I like to use aloe vera instead of ice because of aloe. vera is a natural skin moisturizer it doesn’t clog your pores it leaves you.

Skin hydrated it lightens dark spots acne scars its anti-aging it fights wrinkles reduce the size of your and it’s great for eczema it reduces redness and its wounds your complexion and it makes your skin really firm so. you just want to apply that wait for it to dry and you’re all done I hope you.

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