Top 6 Beauty Trends According To Beauty Industry In 2021

Beauty Trends According To Beauty Industry
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Top 6 Beauty Trends According To Beauty Industry In 2021. Upcoming Beauty Trends in 2020-2021. As the next year is inching closer, people have started looking for the new trends in beauty to be updated. And as usual, I am here for you, with the new and latest Beauty trends which will rule in 2020. So, ladies this 2020-2021 will witness Natural Makeup, Pastel Nails, and Glossy Nude.

6 Beauty Trends According To Beauty Industry

Beauty Trends According To Beauty Industry

1-Upcoming Skincare Trends:

Skincare has always been the main topic for us, what products to use, what ingredients should it have, and all that. This 2020 will witness a movement towards “clean” beauty products that do not have ingredients such as silicone, parabens, and sulfates. Companies will focus more on products that will target problems like redness, blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles.

2-Love For Scrubs:

The body scrub and facial scrub will rule next year. Women are more attracted to the scrub, as its results have shown that it hydrates the skin and keeps it healthy. The facial scrub also helps exfoliate, polish, and hydrate the skin, giving your face a natural glow.

3-Fall 2019 Nail Color Trends:

We saw that the trend this year was elaborate nail art. In 2020 they will be nude and pastel shiny nails. It is also researched that gray will be the most popular color in nail polish.

4-Eye Lashes Trends:

These are no longer retro. Over the years, Lashes have started to get a complement to their basic general makeup. This trend increases day by day and becomes popular. Don’t forget that brow game either because sassy brows and pretty lashes can never go wrong.

5-Fall 2020 Nail Color Trends:

Raise your head, because Tiara is coming back. With Tiara on your head, you can have elastic hair with curly ends and tightly rolled ponytails. Since the theme of 2020 is minimalism, you can have a soft bang or a central parting. Velvet bows in pigtails, flower headdresses, and simply tucking your hair behind your ears are some of the stylish options for next year.

6-Nude Makeup Become Trendy:

The next beauty trend of 2020 will be nude makeup. The nude will be the new chic. People have decided to go natural and minimalist next year. The goal will be to maintain the natural glow while only highlighting some features, to bring out the natural beauty of the face.

Speaking of nude makeup, we’ve found a new companion: base oils. From a variety of oils ranging from gold to pink, women are loving this new trend. So this 2020, get ready to see perfectly wet looks.

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