Nettle Leaf Benefits and Uses – Natural Beauty Tips

Nettle Leaf Benefits and Uses
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Nettle Leaf Benefits and Uses – Natural Beauty Tips. The health benefits and uses of nettle leave also known as stinging nettle.

Nettle Leaf Benefits and Uses

Nettle Leaf Benefits and Uses

  • 1. Many of us have been stung on the skin by nettle leaves at some point in our lives, however, they can be cooked to provide some wonderful health benefits.
  • 2. Net. Net leaves come from Utica, Asia, North Africa, and North America, from flowering plants and Tecta device.
  • 3. Many people consider this plant to be a weed, but it was used as a natural medicine in Austria, and 10th Century England, and is still used today.
  • 4. The leaves are known for stinging the skin when touched. This is caused by formic acid and histamines which cause a reaction on the skin.
  • 5. When they are cooked they become perfectly safe to eat and no longer have the stinging effect.
  • 6. They are very healthy containing Vitamin A, B6, calcium, iron, and magnesium.
  • 7. Men who suffer from an enlarged prostate have found that nettle tea works well to ease the symptoms and prevent painful urination.
  • 8. Nettle tea is made by adding 2 cups of boiled water to 1 cup of nettle leaves. You can also use the roots in this tea if they are well cleaned.
  • 9. Drinking this will help to treat osteoarthritis and muscular pain due to its anti-inflammatory effects. It has been said this can often work better than drugs.
  • 10. If you suffer from anemia, eating natural foods such as this will help to boost your iron intake, without the need for supplements.
  • 11. Many people drink this tea during the spring and summertime, as it can prevent hay fever and allergic reactions to pollen.
  • 12. The roots of the nettle plant can be soaked in alcohol to make an antibacterial solution for wounds.
  • 13. These roots can also be made into creams that can be rubbed onto aching joints.
  • 14. You can add nettle leaves to delicious stews, soups, smoothies, omelets, salads and many more. Be sure to cook these first using some olive oil for 1-2 minutes until they become wilted. Never eat these raw.
  • 15. I would also recommend using smaller younger leaves for the best effects, as these have a better taste.
  • 16. If you drink nettle tea often, you can prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections. They work as a diuretic, allowing the body to flush out toxins easily.
  • 17. The skin will also become very healthy, preventing oil build-ups which cause pimples.
  • 18. It was perhaps most well-known historically for its ability to help nursing mothers produce healthy milk for their babies. This also helps to prevent cramps and menstrual pain.
  • 19. Ladies who are in the menopause may also find nettle tea useful as it can help the body to process the elevated levels of the estrogen hormone.
  • 20. You can also purchase nettle leaves in capsules, and tablet forms if you prefer. It’s best to take these with food, rather than on an empty stomach.
  • 21. To learn more about healthy herbs please see our other videos. Thank you very much for listening, I wish you great health, wealth and happiness.

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