Moringa Seeds Purify Water – Natural Tips

Moringa Seeds To Purify Water
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Moringa Seeds Purify Water – Natural Tips. How to use moringa seeds to purify water. I wish you much health, wealth and happiness.

Moringa Seeds To Purify Water

Moringa Seeds To Purify Water


Note:  Thank You Very Much For Learning This Topic. This Topic is Information Only.  Always consult a Doctor Along with Natural Treatments such as this.

  • 1. Moringa seeds have many health benefits and use as discussed in our previous videos. They also have the ability to purify water.
  • 2. The antibiotic and antifungal properties of these seeds allow them to kill harmful bacteria and parasites that may be found in contaminated water sources.
  • 3. In an emergency situation, you can use the following method:
  1. A. Take moringa pods from the tree and remove the seeds. Peel away the shells from each seed leaving only the white kernels. Throw away the dark shells.
  2. B. Crush these using a pestle and mortar, making a fine powder. Mix this with 1 cup of clean water and shake for at least 2 minutes.
  3. C. Use a sieve or muslin cloth to filter this milky solution. This removes any insoluble materials.
  4. D. Add this filtered solution to 1 liter of dirty water and stir for at least 10 minutes.
  5. E. Then let the water sit for 3 hours, giving the seed water time to do its job.
  6. F. Contaminants within the dirty water will sink to the bottom. Simply pour away the clean water from the top.
  7. G. Filter this water again as an extra precaution and to remove any particles.
  8. H. If possible, boil this water and allow it to cool before drinking.
  • 4. Never attempt this with seawater.
  • 5. Only use this method in extreme circumstances where clean water or water purification tablets are not available.

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