How To Use Tomato On The Face For Glowing Skin

Tomato for skin whitening
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How to use tomato on the face for glowing skin. I have brought you a “tomato skin whitening remedy”. If you use this for one night you will see the very next morning that your face will be glowing and there will be an amazing shine on your face. And your face will become scar less, white, and shiny. And I can assure you guys that if you use this remedy regularly the glaze on your face will be so much that you will not believe yourself.

Tomato On The Face For Glowing Skin

Tomato for skin whitening

At first, take a tomato and slice it into two pieces. Now take a little sugar on a bowl, now take the half tomato and summon the tomato on sugar like this way and then rub the tomato on your skin and massage it like this way for five minutes.

In this way, if you use tomato and sugar for massaging on your face then all the dirt’s are gone and it gets better. And your face becomes more bright, shiny, and more beautiful. So rubbing the tomato and sugar like this way for five minutes on your face and after twenty minutes wash your face with clean water. However, after twenty minutes when you will wash your face with clean water you will be amazed to see your skin. Then our next remedy is tomato skin remedy gel.

Now take a tomato and remove the juice from it this way. Now take four spoons of juice on a bowl then add here one spoon aloe vera gel and two vitamin e capsules and one spoon almond oil then mix this all well. So guys our blackness reducing and skin whitening tomato gel is ready. Now put the gel in a clean container. You can be able to conserve this gel for almost one week using the refrigerator.

So, before bedtime at night, clean your skin by rubbing the tomato on your face, then take a little bit of tomato fairness gel and massage it on your skin softly, and keep this for the whole night on your skin. Friends if you apply this tomato gel on your skin, all the scars will vanish and the color of your skin will be shinning slowly, it will repair your skin damages for the whole night and you will get fresh white shinny and glazy face in the morning.

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