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How To Use Lemon Juice For Stretch Marks. Thank you very much for listening, I wish you much health, wealth and happiness.

Lemon Juice For Stretch Marks

Lemon Juice For Stretch Marks


  • 1. Stretch marks occur on the skin for a variety of different reasons. It’s possible to use the juice contained within lemons to heal them.
  • 2. The natural acid within lemons strips away dying cells from the surface of the skin.
  • 3. The high vitamin C content and alpha hydroxyl acids cause the skin to produce more collagen and build new cells.
  • 4. It also works as a mild natural bleach, which reduces redness.
  • 5. There are a few different ways that you can apply lemon juice for the best effects.
  • A. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon. Massage this into the skin using a cotton ball, in circular motions. Allow this to dry and sit on the skin overnight.
  • B. Alternatively, you can purchase aloe vera gel and add your freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix thoroughly and massage into the skin. This method makes it easier as it is a thicker solution. Aloe vera is also very healthy for the skin.
  • C. If you have very pale white skin, you can use a little potato juice with the lemon juice for a stronger bleaching effect.
  • 6. Do not use store-bought lemon juice. Always squeeze the lemons fresh at home.
  • 7. Lemon has a pleasant aroma which also helps to prevent sweating on the skin.
  • 8.
  • The skin takes time to heal using any of these methods, so I recommend repeating this on a daily basis for 3-8 months. Patience is a virtue.
  • 9. I recommend exfoliating the skin daily by scrubbing with a natural exfoliator. This will speed up the process, by further removing old skin cells.
  • 10. A few hours after you use the lemon mixture (or the following morning) you can massage the skin with cocoa butter. This helps to soften and moisturize the skin, further breaking up the scar tissue.
  • 11. Take a multivitamin supplement on a daily basis, this will help to heal your skin from the inside. Also, eat lots of raw fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

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