How To Make Your Perfumes And Cologne Last Longer – Top 5 Tips

Perfumes And Cologne Last Longer
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How To Make Your Perfumes And Cologne Last Longer – Top 5 Tips. This is why some scents are more expensive than others. But whether you own either an expensive perfume bottle or the cheapest one, you can make it last longer than it used to with the following tips.

Perfumes And Cologne Last Longer

Perfumes And Cologne Last Longer

1. Don’t overdo it and walk right after application:

  • A common mistake we make is spraying perfume on our bodies which makes the smell disappear into the air, which is why a lot of products are wasted and very little is applied to the skin.
  • So understand that less is more and you don’t need to walk in a cloud of fragrance.
    Many people are also allergic to strong odors, and you may also make other people uncomfortable.

So be sure to apply less, usually one spray at a time, and increase the amount only if necessary.
Second, be sure to stay in the same spot for a few minutes after application, allowing the cologne to come into contact with your body.

  • Walking immediately after use will dilute the scent in the air and you won’t have much on your skin.
  • I hope you enjoy this “long-lasting cologne” blog and please share your experience with us.

2. Apply the cologne to your pulse areas:

The heat areas or pulse points of your body that generate heat and have more sweat glands that produce sweat throughout the day.

Applying the cologne in these places will help you save your product and make your smell pleasant throughout the day.

  • These areas are:
  • Behind the ears
  •  Inner wrist
  •  The base of the throat
  •  Inner elbows
  • Behind the knees
  • Armpits
  •  Shoulders

3. Apply your cologne on your body and before getting dressed:

  • You have to bear in mind that perfumes are chemical and when it comes into contact with your body the chemical reaction makes it more efficient.
  • That is why always apply it to your body more than on your clothes and also before getting dressed. It will help the product get used on your skin instead of wasting it on long-lasting clothing cologne.

4. Protect your bottle from the sun:

The sun damages the colony more than anything else. That is why if you have a direct source of sunlight in your bedroom or dressing table, try to keep your bottle away from that place and prevent any source of heat and sunlight from entering.

5. Reapply it when needed:

To make your cologne last longer, you need to reapply it when needed, sometimes due to traffic, temperature, weather, crowd, or stress, your perfume can wear off faster, that’s why it needs to be reapplied. The right time to reapply is when you feel too sweaty and there is no fragrance from your cologne.

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