How To Look Younger Beauty Tips Naturally at Home

How To Look Younger Beauty Tips
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How To Look Younger Beauty Tips Naturally at Home. New beauty and the boutique video with me Katie, professional makeup artist, stylist, and founder of, which is an online boutique that features all my hand-picked must-haves. If you want to take a peek, the link is below.

Today, I’m gonna share with you how to create a really youthful, wide awake, a fresh look, but like you haven’t tried too hard. So this is a look I’m gonna teach you how you can achieve at home with just three products. I think it’s important that you look at my complexion bare-faced, no makeup to see if there’s anything that you relate to.

How To Look Younger Beauty Tips

How To Look Younger Beauty Tips

I have redness, dark circles, enlarged pores, not too many wrinkles, but I still wanna soften the ones I have. As a makeup artist, I get to test out lots and lots of different products, and I’ve handpicked these three products because, in my view, they create really amazing effects with minimal effort. If you wanna look fresher, more youthful, and more rested, this is how you do it.

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Are you ready? Let’s get started. The first one I’m gonna be using is a veil, and this is a complex fix. This means that it allows your own skin to peep through, but it makes your skin look a million times better. It’s also good for making wrinkles look less standout, for making pores look a touch smaller, and of course, for concealing dark circles and getting rid of any redness. Okay, so let me show you how I love to use this.

I just apply veil to the areas where I feel I need it most: corner of my eyes; around my nose area, the redness; the center of my chin; down the center of my nose. This helps add symmetry to the face. The middle of my forehead, brow bone. This creates a really beautiful eyelift. And just ’round the lines in my mouth. Next what you do with your fingers is you pat the product in, feathering it until you feel you have enough coverage.

In areas where you feel you might need a little bit more, you can add a second layer. Up to you. For me, this just really helps my confidence when I step out of the door. To see the shades that I have in my store, just click the link below, and you’ll also find a full tutorial of how you can do this at home. Next up, I’m gonna use this code VLM volumizing and lengthening mascara.

Now this mascara really is something different. The reason not only does it create instant length, but it also encourages your natural lash to grow more over time, thanks to the unique formula. Now, I like to apply one coat for the day, and for the evening, I like to layer this up. If you want a full tutorial on how I use this mascara, please click the link below. I’m only applying the makeup to one side of my face initially, ’cause I want you to see the difference that these products make.

The last thing we’re gonna do is apply this watercolor blush. Now, this is watercolor, so it means it’s liquid. Love this, ’cause it means your own skin peeps through, so the blush looks beautifully natural like your skin only better. And this is shade passion, and the reason why I love this shade is that it’s a cross between a pink and a peachy shade, so it works on everyone.

Plus, this shade, passion, has a really beautiful sheen to it, so as you move your cheek, you’ll have just a delicate sheen across the top of your cheekbone, which will just add definition to your cheeks. You’re gonna dab on the apple of your cheek, and then in quick circular motions, you’re gonna move the product up towards the top of your ear.

If you like the apples of your cheeks to be slightly more vivid than after you put a layer or two on, go back and just put on the fleshy part of your cheek here. This just helps add a really pretty look to your cheeks. I’m then gonna put a little bit more on my hand, and I’m gonna dab it on the lid of my eye.

The peachy-pink color just brings out your eye color, makes your eyes look slightly more defined, but again, doesn’t look like you’ve got a ton of makeup on. You can take it slightly up and into the socket if you like. To complete the look, we’re just gonna create a really pretty lip stain. Again, using this watercolor blush in shade passion. Shake it, back of your hand, dab it.

Now you can see just how lifted and more youthful this side of the face looks compared to this side of the face. I’m gonna do the other side, so you can see the overall effect. Once you’ve nailed this look, you’ll find you’ll be able to achieve it in less than two minutes. It’s really quick. It’s really simple. I’ve created tutorials in the links below for you.

Go ahead, click a link below, and you’ll see all the tutorials, plus you’ll see photographs of how these products look on others. Everything you see in my online store,, has been hand-picked by me as a makeup artist and stylist.

I also deliver worldwide. As a makeup artist, I get to use lots of different makeup, and I can tell you, these three products are key for achieving a really natural, youthful, rested look, kind of like you, only on a massively brilliant day. Best of all, you don’t need any fancy brushes, just your fingers. I really hope that you love them as much as me.

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