How I Remove Facial Hair At Home – Hair Beauty Tips

How I Remove Facial Hair At Home
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How I Remove Facial Hair At Home – Hair Beauty Tips. Here’s the deal last time I did it get ready with me I was threading my face and you guys are like how do you remove. The hair off your face so why don’t we do a tutorial first area we’re going to start with is an area that had no idea had so much hair on it you guys can see I’ve removed.

How I Remove Facial Hair At Home

How I Remove Facial Hair At Home

The hair off of my jawline but as you can see there’s hair along and below the jawline which is actually something. I wasn’t aware of so this is the perfect place to wax and start to show you guys how you can remove fine but long hair on your face. So I have a wax warmer that I use quite often and I’m going to heat it up.

So I’ll heat it until it looks like pancake mix I don’t want it too runny that would mean it was going to be too hot for my skin I prefer hard wax for a couple of reasons I find it better for sensitive skin especially for areas on the face it doesn’t tug on the skin and it also hardens on its own. So you don’t need strips to remove it always applies the wax in the same direction that the hair grows in because it makes it easier for the hair to pull up all.

The way from the root if you see these little stringy edges these are not going to come off clean. So I do my best to thicken up the edges without compromising the hairline. That way when I rip it up it’s going to be a little bit cleaner than it would if it had these jagged edges to get hard wax off you to flick up the edge and then you use.

That as leverage to rip off the wax you can do it all in one shot or in two or three little rips now you can see. The skin looks really smooth there’s no evidence that there was ever any hair there and to get off. The extra little pieces of wax you can use the reverse side of your hard wax and that will pick it up really easily.

The next area I’ve always done because I’ve always been insecure about having hair there is the sideburn area. Now I do this often enough you can see there’s hardly any hair there and I’m sorry that it didn’t grow it out for this tutorial. I just do this often enough so I only do little touch-ups here and there and the hair has actually started to go back a little bit thinner than it was before now since. I do this often enough there isn’t a lot of regrowth that’s long enough to wax.

So I should have kept most of this for threading but since it’s a difficult area of the face to the thread since it’s on an angle. I chose to wax first to get the majority of the hair off and then I’m going to thread to get the remainder so if you want to thread your face you’re going to need to take a piece of thread and tie it at the end I use about 20 inches and then I tie it so that it’s about 10 inches long. And you wind it up with your hand using this motion.

I know you guys can’t see the thread at all but you can see the motion that I’m doing you want to get used to opening your fingers like this and opening your fingers like that. So that you can drag the thread along your face and remove the hair as you do it slowed this down a lot. So you guys can see the hair coming up I like to do this on my upper lip and it takes me about 2 minutes or less to do my entire upper lip and around my mouth not to mention.

The fact that I’ve been using the same spool of thread that cost me like 50 cents for about 4 years now. So this is like the cheapest way to remove hair off your face and I love to keep a little piece of string in my makeup bag. I do this literally two three-four times a week next I’m going to thread the area underneath my chin and this is one of those areas.

That’s often forgetting about I love to remove the hair that you can see what the hair that you can also not see so easily because it makes everything. So much more smooth and glowy and when I do apply makeup it looks so much better another area. I like to thread is between my hairline and my eyebrow this is where I get little baby hairs that peak all the way down and it kind of creates like a Yuna head because.

There’s no separation between hairline and eyebrow. So I like to remove that hair and I also remove it all the way down into the temples and the area that you would reply highlight to if you’re wondering. If this hurts it definitely does that’s just the end of that and I got used to it by doing it so often the first time that I learned a thread.

I just blindly thread my cheeks for about three days I was walking around my house with a piece of thread. So that I could get used to the sensation I just know you guys are going to love these results when you try this at home you save. So much money but then you also know how to do it if you’re ever in a pinch. So share it with a friend if you think this could help I’ve removed all the hair from my brows my upper lip my sideburns jawline chin and I’m feeling smooth and confident I love you guys I hope you enjoyed.

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