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Frozen Lemons Benefits Vegetable Beauty Tips. The benefits and uses of frozen lemon slices and how to prepare them yourself at home.

Frozen Lemons Benefits And Tips

Frozen Lemons Benefits And Tips


  • 1. Limes have some wonderful health benefits for the human body, and they are also wonderful to add to tasty drinks.
  • 2. Limes are used all over the world for all kinds of recipes, from cocktails to health tonics, there are infinite possibilities.
  • 3. Freezing fruit is a method of storing them for longer without losing nutritional value.
  • 4. Simply take a lime, lemon or other citrus fruit and slice into either disc-shaped pieces or wedges.
  • 5. Separate these, place on a tray and freeze overnight. These can then be added to your drinks without the need for ice cubes!
    6. They will be delicious, and as the crystals inside begin to dissolve, your drink will cool, and be infused with the zingy taste of lime.
  • 7. Be sure to try this with grapefruit, lemons, oranges, kiwis and other fruits.
  • 8. This is also excellent for making healthy smoothies or slushies. You can add your frozen fruit to a blender, with some live yogurt and maybe some mint leaves. Mix until well for a delicious and healthy treat.
  • 9. Limes help with digestion and can be used for weight loss when consumed regularly.
  • 10. They also promote healthy eyes and relieve constipation and respiratory disorders.
  • 11. The most common use for lime is to treat scurvy, a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. 12. If you do have a vitamin C deficiency, then eating limes regularly will help you with this, also boosting the immune system.
  • 13. I recommend drinking infusing filtered water with lemon and lime. Simply add half a lemon and half a lime to 500ml of water and refrigerate overnight. Thank you very much for listening, I wish you great health, wealth and happiness.


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