DIY Spa Day Stress Reliever Beauty Tips At-Home

DIY Spa Day Stress Reliever At-Home
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DIY Spa Day Stress Reliever Beauty Tips At-Home Showing love, I thought it would be A good idea to show some love to ourselves. So today I’m going to share some ways you can pamper yourself in the comfort. Of your own home so to set the mood and quiet your mind you can light a candle.

That has a relaxing aroma lavender is one of my favorites because it’s so. Soothing and helps relieve any stress. And really just calms the nerves I also like to turn on my salt lamp because aside from all the benefits, it has. The glow that comes from it really creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere and there’s nothing more relaxing to me than drinking a cup of green tea it helps to calm.

DIY Spa Day Stress Reliever At-Home

DIY Spa Day Stress Reliever At-Home

The mind and ease any anxiety and really allows you to reach a state of relaxation both mentally and physically. I always feel a sense of peace within me every time. I drink it so to start with our at-home spa day we’re going to make a hydrating hair masque. DIY Spa Day To nurture our hair for this we’ll need half of an avocado one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of honey Avocado helps to deep condition.

The hair and promote hair growth because it’s a rich source of protein and vitamins so you just want to mash that and then add. The olive oil is the natural hair conditioner so it’s going to really moisturize.

The hair and the enzymes and nutrients and honey will make our hair soft and also add some shine. So we’re going to apply this to damp hair. So the mask really soaks in and I like to apply it mostly to the bottom half of my hair really focusing on the ends.

Which is where the hair tends to get more damaged and then wrap everything into a bun and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. But the longer you leave it on the better in the meantime. We’re going to move on to a soothing facial mask for this we’ll need two tablespoons of ground oats and you can use a blender or a food processor for this.

We also need one tablespoon of plain yogurt and one tablespoon of honey oatmeal is a natural exfoliant. So it helps to get rid of any dead skin cells it’s also rich in lipids. So it helps to lock in the moisture and also heal the skin and honey is full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties and it also helps to absorb any impurities. The skin and the lactic acid in yogurt is going to help soothe and even out.

The skin tone so once it’s all mixed together you want to make sure your face is clean and then begin applying. This all-over the skin and you want to leave it on for at least twenty minutes and lastly, we’re going to make a coffee body scrub to exfoliate and get rid of any dead skin cells for this. We’ll need 1/4 cup of coffee grounds 1/4 cup of sugar and half a cup of coconut oil.

The caffeine from the coffee grounds helps to tighten the skin and improve circulation. It’s also been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks over time. So we’re going to combine this with the moisturizing skin-soothing properties of coconut oil and the sugar for a deep exfoliating experience. And now you can head over to the bathtub and scrub away paying special attention to.

The knees and elbows tend to be a little drier and this is also an amazing foot scrub and now you can just relax and let. The scrub set in for a few minutes and then you can end with a nice warm shower to wash everything off and now you should feel rejuvenated and refreshed. So I hope you guys enjoyed it and remember it’s important to relax and dedicate some time. Just to yourself the juice and lemons help to brighten and lighten.

The skin over time but since lemon is very acidic it’s important that we dilute it with water especially if you have sensitive skin that’s. The day I’m going to get my braces off so everything is already scheduled. But I’m still not getting too excited about it because we’re still waiting for one of my bottom teeth.

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