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Beauty Tips Multani Mitti Ke Fayde In Urdu It is the only mask that is useful for all skin types. It closes the openings of the face as well as gives the skin to the face Women of all types can use this mask.

Multani Mitti has been used since ancient times. Many such vitamins are found in this soil. With the help of which the skin is supplied with beauty and freshness. Not only this, but the Multani mud mask is also used to brighten the skin. Multani Mitti contains high amounts of vitamins. Multani soil is rich in vitamin C. It also contains very small amounts of vitamin A.

Multani Mitti Ke Fayde

Multani Mitti Ke Fayde

Tips for making a Multani Mitti mask:

Mix raw eggplant with one egg white and one teaspoon of honey to make a paste and apply it to the face. Apply from head to neck to make sure that no part of the face and neck are empty. Keep your eyes closed and face completely sparse. When you feel that the paste has dried and you feel stress, wash the face with cold water.

Masks for dry skin:

For dry skin, grind Multani Mitti and add a few drops of turmeric powder in it as well as a few drops of greased almond paste. The paste should be soft and leave on the face for fifteen minutes, then wash the face using this paste. From day to day your face will fade away.

Mask for greasy skin:

Break the egg into a bowl and remove the whites. Add a few drops of white lemon zest in the white. Then with the help of a T-spoon, add the foam to the foam. Now apply it to the face. When dry, rinse the face with cold water. ?

Masks for Normal Skin:

Take one part of dry powder milk and one part raw Multani Mitti and add olive oil to it, thus making a soft paste. Now put it on the face and wait for 15 minutes then take off the mouth wash will be the best mask for normal skin.

  • Benefits Of Multani Mitti | Glowing Taning Free Skin

Benefits of Multani mud for face and Multani dust and reduce the pouch in the skin. A Rosewater mask balances the skin’s pH. The surface naturally cools and lowers it. Add a teaspoon of oil to soft skin.

Almonds crushed in a little milk and Multani mud and apply it on your own. It will have face softening and Dry skin softens shiny skin Two tablespoons of Multani clay paste Tomato juice and sandalwood grease powder Will help to reduce facial blemishes For extra shine just add turmeric.

  • Put the powder in it and apply it on the face for 10.
  • After heating, wash it for a few minutes Use water to pack this Multani fist face.
  • Regular glowing skin for glowing skin Mix Multani Clay Powder Tomato Juice 1.
  • TSP honey lemon juice and a little milk Apply on face and leave on 10. Use the minutes regularly to achieve the desired.

Multani Mitti Results:

Make a packet of 1 to get rid of the black patch Spoon Multani clay mint each Apply the leaves on the powder and yogurt Rinse the affected areas for 20 minutes. Stop using hot water toned and oil-free. Sandalwood powder mixed with Multani in the skin A few drops of mud and milk Keep face for 20 minutes and wash off with it.

Water flawless skin including face pack 1 tablespoon Multani mud honey and Helps to get papaya fruit pulp. Flawless skin treatment A face mask mixed with Multani mud Some carrot pulp and a teaspoon of olives Lubricating oils to treat skin blemishes Multani soil with coconut water and a little sugar is applied to the affected areas and Eric washed with warm water. You

Multani Mitti Ke Fayde In Urdu

Multani Mitti Ke Fayde

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