5 Tips to Get Glowing Skin | How to Get Glowing Skin

5 Tips to Get Glowing Skin
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Natural Beauty Tips 5 Tips to Get Glowing Skin So around this time of the year, our skin tends to change a lot some for the better and some for the worse for me my skin is normally very very oily. But for me around this time of the year, my skin gets a little bit drier.

5 Tips to Get Glowing Skin

5 Tips to Get Glowing Skin

I’m going to share with you guys 5 Tips to Get Glowing Skin easy simple and quick steps that you can do to achieve and maintain healthy glowy looking skin even. When it’s a little bit cold outside I also wanted to give a huge huge huge thank you to olay for partnering.

Five steps and let’s go ahead and jump into it. So as I said these are tips that are very simple some of you guys might already be doing. Some or all of these things but I still get a lot of questions on almost a daily basis on what I do to get my skin looking healthy and glowy.

Step Number 1:

it’s crucial and like I said a lot of you guys might already be doing this. But you have to wash your face make sure you’re cleansing your skin. At least every night especially after wearing makeup all day or after work or after school you want to make sure. You take all that makeup off and really wash your face.

Step Number 2:

is to exfoliate I try not to do this too often but when I do I either use a physical exfoliator. So I use like a scrub or something or I use a razor yes a razor sometimes. I do both I’ll go ahead and go in with my favorite exfoliator and just make sure. I’m getting all the dead skin it leaves my skin feeling really really smooth.

But I only do this seriously once in a while I’ll do it maybe two to three times a month. I don’t even do it once a week I try to do it rarely because sometimes my skin reacts kind of bad to too much exfoliating because I used to exfoliate a ton before.

So I’ve taken a step back and I only do it a few times a month sometimes once a week. So once a month I’ll use a razor to remove any peach fuzz that I have on my face and seriously. That has changed my makeup game my skincare game like my skin is just super soft. There’s no peach fuzz anywhere it makes your skin look super glowy and healthy too because it also exfoliates your skin.

I realize when I’m using the razor and I’m going in an upward motion. If I have any dry skin around my acne it kind of takes that layer off and reveals a new layer of skin. It’s very weird but it’s simple stuff the razors are so inexpensive you can find them anywhere and you can use that to just remove it.
I did not experience any intense hair growth as it grows back just like normal.

Step Number 3:

is serious The most important of all and that’s to moisturized your skin I’m not kidding you that is super important no matter. What type of skin you have an oily dry combo you need to moisturize your skin and the moisturizers.

It’s the olay luminous whip and this oh my gosh. This moisturizer is basically a moisturizer and a primer in one and it works for all skin types whether you have dry skin if you have oily skin as I do. So with this moisturizer your skin is still gonna look really radiant it’s not gonna look shiny though that’s the thing.

So it’s gonna look glowy it’s gonna feel very hydrated as well. But it’s not going to feel heavy on the skin I don’t think. I’ve ever tried anything like this moisturizer it gives your skin luminosity and they give your skin a nice glow and it makes your skin feel very very healthy at the same time. It makes your skin look super smooth I tend to have larger pores around.

This area smoothes all of that out and it also has a matte finish at the same time. So it does all those different things and that’s why it’s really really really good for a lot of different skin types and you can also use this underneath your makeup.

So if you’re gonna go out or if you’re gonna go to work or to school throw. This on really quick you don’t even have to worry about applying additional products on top like a primer. Because this already does it all in one so moisturizing in the morning. And at night is essential to eat central in order to get healthy and glowy looking skin.

Step Number 4:

do not forget your lips need some love to make sure to apply your favorite lip balm to make sure. Your lips aren’t dry and crack throughout the day especially in the winter. Everything gets just a lot drier and you want to make sure that you do not miss your lip. So apply your favorite lip balm to make sure that your lips are looking nice and plump.

Step Number 5:

is completely optional as all the other tips are but applying highlight on your skin even. When you’re not wearing any makeup so let’s say you’re waiting for your olay moisturizer and your skin is nice and matte yep. It’s a little bit moisturize you can go on with your favorite highlighter and just apply it on.

The highest point to the cheekbones tip of the nose a little bit on the forehead and on the cupid’s bow, those are the areas. That I typically apply it on why I like doing this is the I have control over where. I want my skin to look glowy my skin already looks kind of matte with this product.

]So I can put a highlight wherever I want to look just a little bit more ba-ba-boom if you will and this step is perfect because. It’s going to keep my skin feeling very lightweight. I’m not wearing any other makeup except for the little bit of highlight in those areas. So those are my five super easy basic steps to follow in order to achieve and maintain healthy-looking skin.

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